Our History

North Industrial Chemicals HistoryIn 1921 Dr. North organized the North Metal & Chemical Company for the manufacture of compounds of tungsten and molybdenum and other rare earth elements. The new company was incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Reorganized in the 1930’s as a commercial production facility, North Metal & Chemical Company became the principal supplier of critically important Tungstic Acid during World War II. Postwar shortages of tungsten ore saw North Metal & Chemical Company move rapidly to the production of alternative molybdenum-based products.

In 1944, with his son-in-law, Fred C. Fay and their wives, the North Industrial Chemical Company, a partnership, was organized for the distribution of industrial chemicals.

North Industrial Chemicals HistoryDevelopment of new applications for molybdenum additives in subsequent decades prompted major plant expansions in 1965 and again in 1977. By 1977, NM&C Co. was the largest domestic producer of the sodium molybdate compounds used extensively in metallurgy, paints, inks, fertilizers, vitamin supplements, and automotive antifreeze.

The advent of inorganic corrosion inhibitors has extended the use of molybdates as water treatment additives for cooling tower systems. However, stringent quality control requirements of this new application dictated a “top to bottom” modernization program at NM&C Co. Completed in 1987, this project virtually rebuilt the plant – increasing manufacturing controls, production efficiency, and overall product quality. 1988 saw the implementation of a full statistical process control (SPC) program. Today, all aspects of production, from receipt of raw materials to shipment of the final product, are continuously monitored and checked to insure our products are produced to the highest quality standards.